The Ultimate Power Pitch Live Experience. Full Day Program from 9:00-5:00PM in Midtown Manhattan September 27th, 2018 

Convert your conversations into clients with confidence

Do you STAND OUT in the market? If you sound like everyone else when you talk about your business, you're invisible and turning off your opportunity faucet!

Do you answer the question "What do you do?" in a clear, interesting, and MEMORABLE way? If you aren't telling a compelling story, you are losing business every time you open your mouth!

Is your "pitch" generating leads and converting sales for you, or is it actually costing you money? If you're not getting people interested with your pitch, you're losing sales, losing clients and wasting valuable time. 

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What is The Ultimate Power Pitch™ Live Experience, and Why Should You Attend?

The Ultimate Power Pitch™ live experience is a one day intensive program designed to give you the tools to speak about your business with impact and influence. 

Specifically, here are some of the key take-aways you'll get when you attend:


A networking pitch that allows people to see you as the CLEAR choice in your industry.


Craft a compelling story that shows your company's expertise and can be used across all of your marketing materials.


What works and why? What does not work and why? What adjustments are needed?


The key to a power pitch is practice. Work on your delivery, tonality, pacing, and language and get REAL TIME feedback.

“Rochelle's system taught me how to speak about my business in a way that felt powerful, clear, and enabled me to generate more leads and convert more sales from my networking meetings."

 - Sean Carroll

About Rochelle

Since 2007 Rochelle has worked with solo professionals and small business owners to strengthen their sales conversions, create dynamic presentations, and solve their business growth headaches. 

Her key question is "Are You Story Telling or Boring Telling?", and she teaches her clients to create verbal branding that positions them as THE clear choice.

— Rochelle Lisner

Join Me at The Ultimate Power Pitch Live Experience and Start Converting More Conversations into Clients.

Phone: 917-842-0283


Not ready to sign up yet? Don't get caught with your foot in your mouth! Are you guilty of sounding bland, common and boring? Download... "Never Say These 16 words or expressions…They Are Costing You a Fortune!" 

Phone: 917-842-0283

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